Faculty & Staff

Board President, Col Ebbert, USMC (Ret)
504.416.9244 or

School Leader, "Commandant" Col Schlafer, USMC (Ret)
504.227.3810 or

School Principal, Alexis Long
504.227.3810 or

A'Rean Thornton-Williams
Alexis Long
Alonda Mackey
Ann Heurtin
Ashlie Gray
Benjamin Carver
Blake Williams
Brenda Monroe
Caroline Daugherty
Carrie Beal
Col Kline
Col Schlafer
Connie Brown
Courtney Francis
Crystal Brown
D'wane Trosclair
Dane Cooper
Darren Lewis
David Burnstad
David Phillips
Deika Bustamante
Dejah Jones
Dennis Lafont
Donna Aultman
Donna Hart
Eddie Davis
Emily Liberto
Eric Stein
Fernando Carbajal
Gabrielle Moore
Gemma Rodriguez
George Jacobs
Glenda Moss
Gloria Dominguez
Greg Bryant
Greg Cantrell
GySgt Cancino
GySgt Reyes
Hannah Trufant
Harold Davis
Heather Crutchfield
Heather Desrochers
Irene Guerra
James Jordan
James Singleton
Jamie Hutson
Jarrod Hale
Jeffrey Warner
Jennifer Dotson
Jennifer Naum
Jesse Quick
Jessica Giesel
Jordan VanDerWerken
Joshua Cooper
Joshua Rowden
Juanita Charles
Julie Jackson
Kaneesha Celestin-Jones
Karen Abell
Katrina Green
Kevin Fedelem
Kirsy Fernandez
Kristin Wheeler
Laura Pingalore
Laura Sparaco
Lolita Poplar
Lori Gagnon
Luis Martin
Maj Ferdinand
Maritza Saulny
Mark Cook
Mary Hadley
MGySgt Brown
MGySgt Hart
MGySgt Kovacich
MGySgt Thigpen
Mia Jester
Michael Swindle
Michelle Moore
Micki Soliven
Monica Williams
MSgt Johnson
Nancy Striggs
Nashawn Butler
Nicole Boisdore
O'shel Taylor-Johnson
Paulette Williams
Rachel VonBodungen
Rehneen Morgan
Ronald Gore
Sandi Nash
Shawn Marburger
Sinia McDonald
Stacy Cantrell
Stephen Hunyadi
Stradford Goins
Tammy Cooper
Timothee Breaux
Vicky Lattone
Winston Whitten



The New Orleans Military/Maritime Academy (NOMMA) is a Type 2 charter high school serving students in the New Orleans Metropolitan area. NOMMA is dedicated to the education of high school students, no matter their background or previous school experience. Students at NOMMA study in a focused, college preparatory environment guided by a team of teachers and retired military instructors who bring unparalleled experience to the classroom.