Faculty & Staff

Lidia Amaya

Byron Arthur

Linda Austin

David Burnstad

Carrie Beal

Timothee Breaux

Aimee Brooks

Sylvester Browder

Connie Brown

Crystal Brown

Mgysgt Brown

Greg Bryant

Thomas Chiocchio

Gysgt Cancino

Terie Capella

Mauro Carbajal

Benjamin Carver

Voltaire Casino

Sharon Cayce

Kanesha Celestin-Jones

Christie Chapman

Ashley Chauvin

Juanita Charles

Rhonda Clark

David Coleman

Dane Cooper

Heather Crutchfield

Roland Darby

Eddie Davis

Tony Defrates

Heather Desrochers

Gloria Dominguez

Jennifer Dotson

Sam Downing

Adam Exnicios

June Francois

Cid Galicia

Danny Garbarino

Lindsay Garcia

Kayla Gay

Stradford Goins

Katrina Green

Brandon Gregoire

Irene Guerra

Jarrod Hale

Donna Hart

Mgysgt Hart

Sarah Heim

Latiaya Henderson

Carolyn Hershey

Matthew Hood

Stephen Hunyadi

Jamie Hutson

Jeremiah Jackson

Julie Jackson

Kamilah Jackson

Lynnette Jackson

Brandon Johnson

Montreal Johnson

Dejah Jones

Hardy Jones

James Jordan

Neva Joseph

Joe Kannankeril

Col Kline

Mgysgt Kovacich

Chelsea Landau

Ed Leonard

Alexis Long

Alonda Mackey

Shawn Marburger

Brenda Monroe

Michelle Moore

Glenda Moss

Aristide Muganda

Frederick Myles

Andrea Narcisse

Sandy Nash

Jane Nix

David Phillips

Gysgt Reyes

Mgysgt Richard

Whitley Richardson

Gemma Rodriguez

Marie Roth

Joshua Rowden

Karen Salter

Maritza Saulny

Col Schlafer

Marie Schoonover

James Singleton

Darius Smith

Desmond Smith

Michael Smith

Laura Sparaco

Michael Swindle

April Taylor

Jose Tomas

Hannah Trufant

Rachel Von Bodungen

Jeffrey Warner

Kristin Wheeler

Blake Williams

Brianna Williams

Paulette Williams

Tesia Williams

Lakendrick Wright

Sinia Mcdonald

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The New Orleans Military/Maritime Academy (NOMMA) is a Type 2 charter high school serving students in the New Orleans Metropolitan area. NOMMA is dedicated to the education of high school students, no matter their background or previous school experience. Students at NOMMA study in a focused, college preparatory environment guided by a team of teachers and retired military instructors who bring unparalleled experience to the classroom.