Special education Resources

NOMMA believes in a collaborative model of educational programming. Collaborative strategies include ongoing communication among regular classroom teachers, joint planning and support for classrooms with students with disabilities or learning difficulties, and co-teaching experiences.

NOMMA recognizes that it may not be possible within the regular classroom to meet the needs of some students with disabilities. A full range of special education services will be provided based on student needs. NOMMA will ensure due process and procedural safeguards are adhered to as they pertain to special education. This includes ensuring that required parental contacts are made, proper documentation is maintained, and students with disabilities are educated according to IEPs.

While NOMMA serves grades 8 – 12 and many students are identified prior to eighth grade, NOMMA will utilize the RtI process to provide interventions and then evaluations as needed to determine the need for additional services.

In the event that a student is noted or regarded as having a disability, and it is apparent that the disability limits one or more major life activity but does not require specialized instruction to access free and appropriate public education, the student will receive accommodations and/or related services under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.



The New Orleans Military/Maritime Academy (NOMMA) is a Type 2 charter high school serving students in the New Orleans Metropolitan area. NOMMA is dedicated to the education of high school students, no matter their background or previous school experience. Students at NOMMA study in a focused, college preparatory environment guided by a team of teachers and retired military instructors who bring unparalleled experience to the classroom.