Knowledge Questions

1. Who are the Marine Instructors?
SENIOR MARINE INSTRUCTORS - Col Kline, Major Ferdinand, CWO4 Smith
MARINE INSTRUCTORS -  MGySgt BrownMGySgt Hart, MGySgt Kovacich, MGySgt Richard,  MSgt Johnson, GySgt Cancino, GySgt Reyes (Military Disciplinarian)

2.  Where are the ribbons placed on the Charlie shirt?
1/8 inch above left pocket and centered

3.  Where is the rank placed on the collar?
½ inch from the side edge of collar and centered

4.  When is the Marine Corps Birthday?
10 Nov 1775

5.  How many general orders are there?

6.  What is the Marine Corps Motto?
Semper Fidelis

7.  Who is the Commandant of the Marine Corps?
General BERGER

8.  What are the three main parts of the NCO Sword?
Foible, Forte, Hilt

9.  What is the strongest part of the NCO sword?
The forte

10.  What is the Marine Officer Sword called?
The Mamaluke sword

11.  Who was the Mamaluke sword awarded to? And what battle?
Lt Pressly O’Bannon for the Battle at Tripoli

12.  Who is the SgtMaj of the Marine Corps?

13.  What is the Male regulation for hair?
0 to 3 inches and graduated in the back

14.  What is the Female regulation for hair?
Tight bun, French braid, cannot hang below bottom edge of collar

15.  What is the proper length of the Alpha jacket sleeve?
1 inch above the thumb knuckle

16.  What is the proper length of the female skirt?
1 inch above or below the kneecap

17.  Where is the shooting badge placed on the Charlie shirt
1/8 inch above left breast pocket and centered

18.  What is the Marine Corps emblem?  And what do the components of the emblem stand for?
Eagle –Nation, Globe-WorldWide service, Anchor-Naval traditions

19.  What should the proper length of the green trousers be?
¼ inch above or below the welt of the heel (top of the heel)

20.  What distinguishes Dress Blue Alpha from Dress Blue Bravo?
Dress Blue Alphas are worn with the Medals over the left breast.

21. Where are the ribbons worn on the female Charlie shirt?
1/8 inch above the top button and centered

22.  Who was the first Marine Commandant?
Captain Samuel Nicholas

23.  Name all 14 Leadership Traits?

24.  What is the regulation for the wear of the web belt?
2 – 4 inches past buckle

25.  When is the only time a female can wear a web belt?
In utilities

26.  What does MCJROTC stand for?
Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

27.  What is the first line of the NOMMA MCJROTC creed?

28.  Where was the Marine Corps born?

29.  Who was the owner of Tun Tavern?
Robert Mullins

30.  Who was the first commandant of the Marine Corps?
Samuel Nicholas

31.  Where was the first Marine Amphibious landing?
Nassau in the Bahamas

32.  Who was awarded the Mamaluke Sword?
Lt Presly O’Bannon

33.  Who was the first Marine awarded the Medal of Honor?
Cpl John Mackie

34.  What nickname was given to Marines for their tenacious fighting at the Battle of Belleau Wood?
Devil Dog in English or Teufel-hunden in german

35.  Who were the only 2 Marines ever awarded 2 Medals of Honor?
Dan Daley and Smedley Butler

36.  Who is considered the Marine Corps’ most decorated Marine?  He is the only Marine awarded 5 Navy Crosses.
Lieutenant General Chesty Puller

37.  What foot do you step off with on forward march?
Left Foot

38.  What is the design on top of the Marine Officer’s cover called?

39.  In the early pirate days, how did Marine snipers recognize who their Marine Officers were in combat?
By seeing the design on top of their covers (the quatrafoil), while they were high above the battles on the mast shooting the enemy

40.  What is the length of a normal step while marching?
30 inches

41.  What are the two types of drill commands?
Preparatory command and command of execution

42.  Name the 3 Marine Corps core values.
Honor, Courage, Commitment

43.  What is the name of the Marine Corps mascot?

44.  What is an early nickname for Marines in the pirate days?

45.  What does the blood stripe on the blue trousers represent?
The blood shed by Marines at the Battle of Chapultepec

46.  What are the Marine Corps colors?
Scarlet and Gold

47.  Complete truth and honesty is the definition of what trait?

48.  Mental and physical strength is the definition of what trait?

49.  Mental quality that recognizes fear of danger and criticism is the definition of what trait?

50.  Seeing what has to be done and getting it done without being told to is the definition of what trait?

51.  The ability to deal with others without causing offense is the definition of what trait?

52.  Placing the welfare of your subordinates ahead of your own is what trait?

53.  Faithfulness to your organization and yourself is what trait?

54.  What are the 4 indicators of leadership in a unit?
Morale, Esprit de Corps, Proficiency and Discipline

55.  What is the normal distance between elements measured from back to chest?
40 inches

56.  What is the lowest rank in MCJROTC?
Cadet Private

57.  What is the highest enlisted rank in MCJROTC?
Cadet Sergeant Major

58.  What is the highest rank in MCJROTC?
Cadet Colonel

59.  If I am currently a Staff Sergeant and I get promoted, what rank would I be?
Cadet Gunnery Sergeant

60.  What does the enlisted Lamp of Learning signify?
Wisdom, inner strength and knowledge

61.  What are 3 types of heat injuries?

62.  What are the 4 life saving steps?
Start the breathing, Stop the bleeding, protect the wound and treat for shock

63.  What is immediate action when coming upon a victim?
A – Check the Airway and clear
B – Is the victim breathing?
C – Is there circulation?

64.  What is immediate action for a person that is choking?
The Heimlich Manuever

65.  What are 6 cold weather injuries?
Hypothermia, Frostbite, Snow Blindness, Sunburn, Trench Foot/Immersion Foot, Dehydration

66.  What are the five types of wounds?

67.  What is the NOMMA MCJROTC Cadet Creed?
I am a Junior ROTC cadet. I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my
family, country, school, and the corps of cadets.
I am loyal and patriotic. I am the future of the United States of America.
I do not lie, cheat, or steal and will always be accountable for my actions and deeds.
I will always practice good citizenship and patriotism.
I will work hard to improve my mind and strengthen my body.
I will seek the mantle of leadership and stand prepared to uphold the Constitution and the American way of life.
May God grant me the strength to always live by this creed.

68.  What are the 7 objectives of MCJROTC?
B – Build Character
L – Instill leadership
I – Develop informed citizens
N – Teach Cadets about National Security
D – Discipline
R – Develop a respect for authority
C – Enlighten Cadets into Career and educational choices

69.  Who is the Secretary of Defense? 
The Honorable Mr Lloyd J. Austin III

70.  Who is the secretary of the Navy?
The Honorable Mr Thomas Harker (Acting)

71.  Who was the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps?
General John A Lejeune. He is remembered as perhaps the Marine Corps’ greatest Commandant.  He emphasized leadership training and was the originator of the Marine Corps Birthday celebration.

72.  What are the Marine Corps Colors?
Scarlet and Gold

73.  What is the Marine Corps term for bathroom or toilet?

74.  What is the Marine Corps expression for candy or sweets?
Pogey Bait

75.  What is the Marine Corps and Navy term for left?

76.  What is the Marine Corps and Navy term for right?

77.  What does a Marine call the floor?

78.  What does a Marine call a bed?

79.  What do the letters CMC stand for? 
Commandant of the Marine Corps

80.  Where is the official battle color of the Marine Corps located?
Marine Barracks, 8th and I street, Washington DC

81.  Who was the first Woman Marine?
Opha Mae Johnson

82.  Who was the first Marine Corps aviator?
Major A. A. Cunningham

83.  What are the three types of flag?
Post, Storm and Garrison

84.  This flag is flown on Sundays and Holidays.
Garrison Flag

85.  What are the Corps Values?
Honor, Courage, Commitment

86.  What are the NOMMA Five General Orders

1. Be at the right place, at the right time, with the right materials.
2. Follow the orders of the faculty, staff, and cadet leaders appointed over me.
3. Refrain from loud and boisterous behavior.
4. Engage in no public display of affection.
5. Remain in uniform at all times.

87. Who is the current Principal of NOMMA? 

88.  Who is the current Commandant of NOMMA?

89.  Who is the MCJROTC Section head of NOMMA?
Colonel P. KLINE

90.  Who is the Director of MCJROTC?
Mr Oltman

91. What does the color green on a map represent?

92.  What does color black on a map represent? 
Man made objects or roads

93.  What Leaderrship prinicipal is considered most important?
Know yourself and seek self improvement

94.  If you were a Captain and were promoted one rank – what rank would you be?

95.  If you are facing a color guard what side would the American Colors be on?

96.  In drill, when is the only time you step off with the right foot?

97.  What does Iwo Jima stand for?

98.  Why was the Battle of Iwo Jima pivotal in WWII?

99.  How do you read a map? 

100.  What do the three stars on the New Orleans MMA Logo stand for?
Academics, Leadership and Citizenship



The New Orleans Military/Maritime Academy (NOMMA) is a Type 2 charter high school serving students in the New Orleans Metropolitan area. NOMMA is dedicated to the education of high school students, no matter their background or previous school experience. Students at NOMMA study in a focused, college preparatory environment guided by a team of teachers and retired military instructors who bring unparalleled experience to the classroom.