Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement

Award is submitted on a junior Cadet who is in the top 25 percent of Junior Class and has displayed uncommon leadership. Cadet nominated competes nationally for the subject award.  If selected, it is awarded to Cadet as a senior.


MCROA Outstanding Unit Award

Marine Corps Reserve Officer's Association (MCROA) for Outstanding MCJROTC Unit.


American Legion Award for Scholastic Excellence Medal

Awarded for Scholastic Excellence awarded to 1 Cadet at the end of the year who is in the top 10% of their class and has participated in at least 1 student activity or sport.


American Legion Award for Military Excellence Medal

Cadet must be in the top 25 percent of the Class in academic standing. Cadet must have demonstrated outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline, character and citizenship.


Sons of the American Revolution Medal

Awarded to a Junior Cadet who has exhibited the highest standards of leadership, bearing and excellence.


Daughters of the American Revolution Bronze Medal

Awarded to a Senior Cadet who is in the top 25 percent of class and has demonstrated dependability, military discipline and leadership. Selected by the SMI and principal.


Military Order of World Wars Bronze Medal

Awarded at the end of the year to an outstanding 1st or 2nd year Cadet who excels in military and scholastic activities during the year.


Military Order of World Wars Leadership Ribbon

Awarded to a Cadet who best exemplifies the the Spirit of ROTC Leadership. Usually accompanied by a monetary award.


The Military Officer's Association of America Medal

Presented to a graduating Cadet for having demonstrated exceptional potential for military leadership as a member of the MCJROTC.


Veteran of Foreign Wars JROTC Bronze Medal

Presented for leadership in and out of uniform.  Cadet must have a C avg in school academics.  Must be involved in at least 1 extracurricular activity or club.  1 Senior, junior and sophomore Cadet is chosen by the SMI.


Daedalian JROTC Achievement Award

Presented to a junior Cadet who has demonstrated an understanding and appreciation of patriotism, love of country and service to nation. Ranked in top 20% of junior class and looks to pursue a military career.


Marine Corps League Distinguished Citizen Medal

This award is given to a Sgt/below and SNCO who has assisted others in need, and promoted values of citizenship and patriotism. The award consists of the Distinguished Citizen Medal.


Woman Marines Association Outstanding Cadet

Awarded to a 2nd year Cadet who has the highest Leadership Education Grade in the MCJROTC Unit.


Noncommissioned Officers (NCOA) Association Medal

Awarded annually to the Most outstanding Cadet NCO.  Cadet must have the best military bearing, personal appearance, deportment and leadership ability.  Can be any LE level.


Military Order of the Purple Heart Medal

Awarded to a freshman, sophomore or junior Cadet who has given all for the MCJROTC Program and either had a moment in which the cadet did an outstanding job in a leadership position or is currently in a leadership position.


Reserve Officers Association Medal

Awarded annually to a 2nd year Cadet that has demonstrated dedication to citizenship, outstanding MCJROTC knowledge, self discipline and has a sound work ethic.


American Veterans Medal

Awarded by the local AmVets Association.


National Sojourners Award

Presented to Sophomore or Junior Cadet who is in the top 25% of class and has demonstrated the ideals of Americanism.


Scottish Rite Medal

Awarded to a 3rd year Cadet in the top 20 percent of academic class and has demonstrated potential for outstanding leadership, dependability, self discipline and patriotism.


Outstanding Cadet Award N-3-2

One award a year to the most outstanding cadet in any grade selected by the SMI/MIs


Student Leadership Award N-3-8

Awarded to students who are in student government.


Officer Leadership Award N-3-5

Awarded once a year to the Officer who demonstrates exceptional discipline and military bearing.


NCO Leadership N-3-4

Awarded once a year to a NCO for exceptional leadership, discipline and military bearing.


Civic Service Award N-4-4

For outstanding community service. The Cadet must have participated in more than 1 project.


Best Drill Cadet N-3-1

One awarded a year to the cadet who performs best in drill with or without a rifle.


Distinguished Scholastic Achievement Award N-1-6

Annual to cadets that maintain an "A" average and or are in the top 10 percent of their class and Honor Roll.


Arts and Academics Award N-1-9

Awarded to Cadets who are on the Arts National Honor Society.


Distinguished Military Training N-1-2

Awarded to Cadets who participate in Military Orientation off site training successfully.


Physical Achievement Award N-2-9

Awarded once a year to cadets who score a first class on the YPFT.


Superior Marksmanship Award N-2-1

Awarded once a year to the Cadet who is the high shooter.


Athletic Participation Award N-1-8

Awarded to Cadets that participate on organized athletic teams for the school or community.


Longevity/Fidelity N-4-1

Awarded on subsequent years for succesful participation in MCJROTC.


Distinguished Conduct Award N-3-9

Awarded to Cadets who did NOT have any disciplinary infractions for the previous school year.


MCROA Outstanding Unit Award (2nd Place)

Unit Award.


MCROA Outstanding Unit Award (3rd Place)

Unit Award.


Best Drill Squad Award N-3-7

Awarded annually to the best drill squad of the Drill Team.


Color Guard Ribbon N-3-3

Awarded to Cadets on the Color Guard or Flag Detail morning colors.


Recruiting Ribbon

Awarded to Cadets for recruiting another Cadet into the MCJROTC Program.


Band w/Band device N-3-10

Awarded to Cadets of the school Band.


Rifle Team Ribbon, N-2-6, w/Rifle Team device

Awarded to Cadets of the Rifle Team that participated in practices and rifle matches.


1st, 2nd, 3rd Award Devices

Academic Award Devices.


1st, 2nd, 3rd Award Devices

Military Awards Devices.



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